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Matthew Bayliss - Creative Digital Developer


I designed how the content for Fashion and Lifestyle platform Visionarism is delivered online and how followers interact with what is published.

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Fresh Ego Kid2017

I delivered the Front End Development for Fashion Brand Fresh Ego Kid, making sure that the jump from social presence to online ecommerce business was seamless. Design by Nice&Co

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When Visionarism collaborated with Nike I designed how the e-commerce journey should be delivered so that it linked perfectly with the current brand and also delivered technically.

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Collaborating with Nice&Co brand & idea I produced the experience for new start up Hoki Collective that help creative business grow

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Crazy Animal Face2017

Making sure that the online experience for experienced people working in the creative industry was original and interesting. Design by Nice&Co

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David M Robbinson2016

The e-commerce journey for an already established high street luxury watches retailer needs to mirror the experience you receive in store. I was responsible for making sure that was delivered. Design by Nice&Co

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Little Black Book2016

I created the Front End Development and experience design for fashion retailer Little Black Book. Design by Nice&Co & Louise Hamer

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I Am

A Creative Digital Developer, Based In Manchester.

I've Done

10 years of professional creative industry work and owned my own digital agency for 5 of those. Some brands that I have worked with are Rolex, Anthony Joshua and Visionarism.


I Do

Digital Idea Development, Content Modeling, UI/UX, Design and Web Development.

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