University of South Wales
University of South Wales


University of South Wales (USW) is one of the youngest and largest universities in the UK, as part of their three-year contract, leading USW brand True North approached us with an idea they had for a digital prospectus.

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Design Consultancy

University of South Wales

Working alongside the True North design team, our role was to consult on how they could best deliver a digital prospectus that dealt with a lot of content with multi-lingual capabilities. With this, we delivered the website with a solid CMS build that is easy to update.

University of South Wales


"Matt’s knowledge and digital expertise helps to add a different dimension to our work. We’ve worked on many key branding projects together and it’s always a truly collaborative effort – Matt becomes an extension of our team. It’s great to have a safe pair of hands who we know will help translate a digital concept into a fully functioning product that always looks amazing."

Victoria Pinnington - True North


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